Blue Spruce Wool Batting Fluff for Newborn Photography Prop


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I am so thrilled to be able to offer these beautiful domestically prepared wool batts, perfect for creating that soft, natural look for your precious baby’s first photos!

This listing is for one continuous 4 oz. batt, or piece, of 100% wool in Charcoal, a dark heather grey. Most photographers find 4 oz. to be a good amount; however, for a larger backdrop or to have extra on hand, additional quantities are available. For your reference, the amount shown in these photos is 4 oz.

The fourth photo shows this color paired with New Jade green. These are both excellent gender neutral colors when used together or separately! The last photo shows Blue Spruce wool photographed in black and white.

Blue Spruce is a beautiful dusty teal color featuring variegated shades of medium to light cerulean, cobalt, and green, with hints of yellow, tan, and pale grey. This is 100% virgin wool. It is very fluffy and soft to the touch, and has a wonderful textural quality with little nubs throughout.

Care: You will receive your batt rolled up inside a sealed plastic bag. To use, gently unroll the batting and arrange as desired. The wool can be spread out or fluffed by gently pulling it between your hands. It can easily be pulled apart into multiple pieces if desired. You can also fluff out the edges of pieces and layer them together if you wish to visually join them after pulling apart. If wool becomes soiled, you can spot clean by using a bit of mild detergent and carefully blotting the area clean, or you may simply pull off the soiled piece and discard. Handle gently, and do not rub too much when washing, as friction will cause the wool to mat together and felt. Store wool in a dry place.

More of these batts are available upon request, just message me for a custom listing!

Looking for this color in smaller amounts for needle felting? Find it here:

These beautiful images are courtesy of Angela Lang Photography.


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