Peach Rose Bear Soft Sculpture, Felt Bear, Floral, Needle Felted, Gray Bear, Gift for Nature Lover, Woodland, Nature Inspired, Collectible

2 thoughts on “peach-rose-bear-soft-sculpture-felt-bear-floral-needle-felted-gray-bear-gift-for-nature-lover-woodland-nature-inspired-collectible-58be1cfa1.jpg”

  1. Erin, I absolutely love your bears! I really hope you create a kit of them. And the felted flowers on your pieces are just charming. I just love them!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words! A bear felting kit is definitely in the future! If you aren’t already signed up for my e-newsletter, I would recommend hopping on the list because that is where I will first announce new kits as well as any special discounts or promotions. 🙂

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