8 oz. Core Wool Batting for Needle Felting


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I am very pleased to offer this wonderfully fluffy, fast felting core wool – economical and perfect for all your needle felting projects!

This listing is for 8 oz. of domestically sourced, 100% natural wool batting. It is a creamy, undyed natural white color with a medium fine texture.

This wool batting may be in multiple pieces. If you are planning to use this wool as a photo prop, or you prefer your batting to be in a single, continuous piece, please indicate in the “notes to seller” section at checkout, and I will be happy to accommodate you.

What can you use core wool for?

I use it primarily in my needle felting practice to create the inner layer of my animal sculptures. Used in this way, you can save your pretty, more expensive dyed wools for the outer surface of your projects. This wool is also particularly fast-felting, so it allows you to work your creative idea into a form quickly, preparing it for all the lovely details and colors you’re eager to add on its surface!

Other uses include:

  • a base for dyeing your own wool
  • natural stuffing for plush animals, dolls, ornaments, and pillows
  • wet felting dryer balls and base forms for wool sculptures
  • a natural prop for newborn photography

Due to the minimal processing that this wool undergoes, small bits of vegetable matter are present. This just means the wool has not been exposed to a lot of chemicals in its processing, so you know you are getting a lovely, natural product. For anyone sensitive to certain smells, it should be noted that due to the minimal processing, this wool does retain some of its natural “from the farm” scent. For those of you who are curious, small amounts of vegetable matter will in no way affects the quality of the wool, and these bits will be completely unseen once the outer layers of your project are added. They also can easily be picked out if they are not desired.


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