Multi Needle Felting Tool – 8 Needles – Wooden Comfort Handle



This comfortable solid wood needle holder is a wonderful addition to your needle felting supplies!

Whether needle felting is a new hobby, or you’re one to spend hours upon hours happily felting away, this multi needle holder will make your felting experience more comfortable.

This needle holder holds up to 8 felting needles, making it wonderfully suited for flat, two-dimensional wool painting, as well as larger three-dimensional sculptural pieces. The number of needles you use can be easily adjusted to fit your project’s needs.

This needle holder is constructed of two pieces of solid wood, and most standard felting needles will fit into it, including the color-coded needles I offer in my shop. The needle holder comes ready to use, and it is also very simple to switch the needles out as needed to go between sizes or to replace needles. You can easily remove some of the needles if your project doesn’t require all 8.

The needle holder will arrive with 8 felting needles loaded inside* (as seen in the second photo). To remove or change out the needles, unscrew the top piece of wood from the bottom. The needles sit in the lower piece of wood, secured in each hole by the “L” shape on the top of the felting needle. To put the needle holder back together, simply screw the top piece of the handle back into the bottom piece. Now you’re ready to begin felting!

*Please note: The needles that come with are NOT the same needles as the ones offered in my shop. It is listed as a “medium felting needle” and I find them to be most similar to the #38T needles offered in my shop.