Needle Felted Arctic Wolf Soft Sculpture


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An Arctic Wolf adorned with Arctic Poppies.

This needle felted arctic wolf was made using the process of needle felting, a form of sculpting where one uses special barbed needles to shape wool. The process involves making repeated jabs into wool batting or roving, causing the fibers to interlock and form felt. Different colors and felted pieces are layered and attached, building up and shaping the desired three dimensional form.

She was meticulously built, layer upon layer, using a natural white for her body, and dark brown and black for her eyes and nose.  The floral detailing was done using the same method with very small bits of colored wool. Shades of green, yellow, and brown wool were used to create the Arctic Poppies floral image that adorns her side.

This arctic wolf measures 5″ high and is 7.5″ long. She stands freely and contains no armatures of any kind.