Needle Felted White Deer


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I witnessed a white deer standing on the side of the road this year while driving in upstate New York. It was hauntingly beautiful, ghostly and majestic at the same time. When I got home I started researching white deer and found out that what I saw was likely a leucistic deer, a member of the white tailed deer species that was lacking in pigmentation. Leucistic animals can be completely white or lack pigmentation on only parts of their body, though they usually still have dark eyes and noses, unlike albino animals. This particular needle felted deer was inspired by the beautiful doe I saw that day.

This needle felted deer was created using the process of needle felting and is made of 100% wool. She was meticulously built, layer upon layer, using a beautiful natural white for her body. Her eyes and nose are a dark brown, and her hooves are slate grey. She has soft pink inner ears.

This soft sculpture measures 6″ high and is 6″ long. She stands freely and contains no armatures of any kind.