Needle Felted White Humpback Whale with Snow Buttercups


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This needle felted whale was inspired by a white humpback whale that was spotted off the coast of Norway. She is adorned with Snow Buttercups, a lovely yellow flower that can be found in mountainous areas with cold climates. Several white humpback whales have been spotted in different seas. It is difficult to know exactly what causes their lack of pigmentation, as their appearances are rare. To me, this makes them all the more magical…

This needle felted whale was created using the process of needle felting and is made of 100% wool. She was meticulously built, layer upon layer, using a beautiful natural white for her body and dark brown for her eyes. She has been detailed with snow buttercups in various shades of yellow, green, and brown.

She is attached to a based made of solid wood and painted a soft grey blue.

This soft sculpture measures 9 1/2″ long  and 7″ tall including her wooden base.