Needle Felting Needles #40T – Pack of 6


Needle Felting Needles, Color Coded Pack of 6, Regular Triangular Needles, #40T, Felting Supply, Craft Supplies, DIY, Fiber Arts

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I am so excited to offer my favorite high quality, durable felting needles for sale, color coded for your convenience! I have carefully selected these needles to pair with the wools I offer for sale in my shop, though they work wonderfully with other types of wool as well.

You will receive a pack of six Regular Triangular felting needles, size #40T. This size is a great finishing needle for fine surface detailing.

Needles are industrial grade, measuring 3″ long. Each needle has 6 barbs (two per side) with staggered spacing for excellent felting action!

As a needle felter, I know how easy it is to lose track of the different sized needles that are in my collection, no matter how organized I strive to be. That is why I have color coded my needles and packaged them in a sturdy piece of foam core with a color coding key for safety, convenient storage, and easy reference.

I hope you will enjoy using these for your felted projects as much as I do!


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