“Neutrals” Wool Batting Assortment for Needle Felting


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Now you can sample these beautiful domestically prepared wool batts in a carefully selected assortment of colors! Perfect for needle felting!

Meet the “Neutrals” collection. This neutral sampler pack includes black, white, and all the lovely shades of grey and neutral browns that I carry in this type of wool.

This assortment includes a generous 0.5 oz. each of 8 different colors: Black, Black Onyx, Charcoal, Storm Cloud, Silver Mist, Warm White, Oatmeal, Oak.

This is a medium fine wool, very soft to the touch, but still with plenty of crimp for felting. I use it primarily for needle felting, but it is also wonderfully suited for wet felting and spinning. I have carefully chosen this wool for it’s consistent superb quality and gorgeous nuanced coloring.


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