Turquoise Merino Wool Roving – for Wet Felting, Needle Felting, Nuno Felting, Spinning, and Weaving


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I am very excited to introduce these beautiful 100% Merino Wool roving to the shop! This merino wool is 21.5 microns with a staple length of 2.75 inches, and is processed right here in the U.S. Merino wool is a beautiful material to work with and is known for its softness and gentle sheen. It has many uses in fiber and textile art such as needle felting, wet felting, nuno felting, spinning, weaving, and arm knitting.

This color is Turquoise, a vibrant and bright aqua color. This listing is for 1 oz., which is the amount shown in the photograph. Larger amounts in continuous lengths can be ordered upon request. Just ask here!

Of all the wool I offer, this is my favorite for wet felting because of how quickly and easily it wet felts and the smooth felted finish it creates. I also enjoy using it in my needle felting practice for creating fine surface details like floral elements and eyes, and it creates the most lovely sheen in this details. When using it for needle felting, I recommend working with it over a base of needle felting wool that has a bit more coarseness and crimp, such as my core wool batting. This will allow the needle to grip more easily and the material to felt up faster.

This wool has been ethically sourced and is mulesing free.


*Wool is not guaranteed to be in one continuous piece unless requested upon ordering. To do so, just leave me a quick note in the “notes” section at checkout.


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