“Flowers of Spring” Wool Roving Assortment for Needle Felting


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Now you can sample this beautiful 100% domestically sourced and prepared wool roving in a carefully selected assortment of colors!

Meet the “Flowers of Spring” collection. This seemed an appropriate selection of colors as I was watching the snow fall on a winter day. Named after flowers that make their appearance in the spring, these purple/violet and yellow shades naturally complement each other! Perfect for felting flowers, eggs, acorns, baby chicks, and other spring-themed decorations.

This assortment includes a generous 1/2 oz. each of 6 different colors, for a total of 3 oz. of gorgeous roving: Wild Violet, Lilac, Pastel Violet, Dandelion, Forsythia, and Daffodil.

This is a medium fine wool, very soft to the touch, but still with plenty of crimp for felting. I use it primarily for needle felting, but it is also wonderfully suited for wet felting and spinning. I have carefully chosen this wool for it’s consistent superb quality and gorgeous nuanced coloring.


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