2 Projects in 1: We made our own nests to go along with my Felted Robins Egg Tutorial!

2 Projects in 1: We made our own nests to go along with my Felted Robins Egg Tutorial!

Wet felted wool robin eggs inside a handmade nest of twigs and moss.
completed felted eggs inside our homemade nest

I wanted to share one of the options for a nest to go along with the felted eggs that you can make in my new tutorial! My daughters and I decided that it would be fun to collect natural materials from our yard and create our owns nests. There are definitely pre-made nest options out there in craft stores, but I wanted to share a few things we learned through this process for those of you who would like to give the handcrafted option a try!

materials from our backyard that we used to create a handmade bird nest
a sampling of our collected materials for nest-building

So first, we took a walk in our backyard, gathering twigs, dried grasses, moss, dried flowers, vines, and anything else that looked appealing and useful.

We brought our materials inside and got to work, and here is what we found:

Flexible materials are best for creating the basic form of the nest. We have an abundance of overgrown honeysuckle vines, so we started with a length of honeysuckle and shaped it into a spiral, weaving it into itself as we went along and adding additional lengths as needed. Floral wire would have helped to hold everything together as well, but we were without it at the moment so we made do with the vines and just kept twisting them and weaving them into the nests as we built them up until they stayed that way. This took a few tries!

Dried grasses are also flexible, so we wove those into the nest form we made of the vines for some variation in texture.

Once the nest was woven together tightly enough with these flexible materials, we were free to add smaller bits of other materials, such as twigs, moss, and dried flowers. We stuck them into the nest similarly to the way you would add flower picks to a wreath.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll give this project a try! To make the felted eggs, you can follow my Wet Felted Robins Eggs tutorial.

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