A Festive Face for a Felted Pumpkin

A Festive Face for a Felted Pumpkin

I am typically one to lean more towards the side of fall decorating than Halloween decorating; but I happily welcome the exception of the jack-o'-lantern. Carving jack-o'-lanterns has forever been one of our family traditions, first as a child with my sister and parents, and now with my own children. Jack-o'-lanterns seem to strike that perfect autumn balance of spooky and cozy. 

needle felted orange jack-o'lanterns with white needle felted pumpkin and ghost


So, as my patch of felted pumpkins this year continued to grow, I thought it would be fun to get a couple of them Halloween-ready, and I even made an instructional video of the process to add to our website's section of Free Tutorials, so you can Halloween-ify some of your felted pumpkins too!

If you've never needle felted a pumpkin before, it's a really fun beginner project, and we have a complete kit with everything you need to make three of your own!

Once you have your pumpkin, here is what you will need to add a festive face:

felting mat, wooden felting handle, felting needle, orange needle felted pumpkin, yellow wool

- felting mat (I'm using one of our small wool felting mats, but any foam or wool felting mat will do)

- a fine felting needle (I'm using a #40 Triangle needle inside one of our wood felting handles for comfort)

- a firmly felted pumpkin (Still need to make a pumpkin? Our Needle Felted Pumpkin Kit has everything you need to make 3 pumpkins!)

- yellow wool (I'm using our Sunflower yellow merino roving, but any suitable felting wool will do)

needle felted orange jack o' lantern

I've made several of these felted jack-o'-lanterns now, and I did one using black wool instead of yellow. The possibilities for coloring of both the pumpkin and its face are endless!

I hope you enjoy my jack o' lantern tutorial, and happy fall to you all!

needle felted jack-o'-lantern


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