The Perfect Colors for your Needle Felted Fox

The Perfect Colors for your Needle Felted Fox

“What color of wool would you recommend for making needle felted foxes?”

needle felted red fox with felted primroses embellishing surface

Customers often come to me with questions such as this one, and I love helping them find the perfect wool roving and batting colors to fit their unique felting projects! One of the reasons I’ve selected the wool roving and batting I sell in my shop is because these preparations of wool have beautiful variegated colors that give the appearance of having blended two or more colors together when it is really just one color! This gives the finished felted surface a wonderfully rich depth.

Since the wool I offer in my shop is the very same wool I use in my own needle felting practice, I’ve sampled nearly every roving and batting. And even when I don’t have the exact color match on hand, I love taking the opportunity to blend some colors to get the perfect tone. My formal training is in painting, so this love of experimenting and layering with color is something I have taken with me and continue to use and share with my customers.

amber colored wool batting

But sometimes, I do have just the right color on hand. For example, when I get the question about the perfect color for a fox (which, of course, happens all the time, because who doesn’t love foxes?), I always recommend the color you see in the photo above, Amber wool batting. This is one of my favorite colors, and has a beautiful autumnal warmth with its harmony of yellow, orange, rust, and brown. It's the same color of wool batting you will find in my Needle Felted Fox Kit too!

needle felted red fox

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