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SECONDS SALE - 100% Pure Wool Needle Felting Mat - Small

SECONDS SALE - 100% Pure Wool Needle Felting Mat - Small

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SECONDS SALE - Felted Wool Needle Felting Mats - Small

Our felted wool mats are handmade using the wet felting process, which means that no two mats are alike, and some natural variation in their size and firmness is normal. However, we have a few mats that we felt strayed too far from either the size, firmness, or surface texture that we prefer and advertise. So while still absolutely usable, we are offering them at a significant discount to you.

This listing is for our Small felting mat seconds. Photos show examples of variations in mats that may be present. Please note that any single mat may contain one or more of the following variations:

- Size (original mats are approx. 6" x 6" x 2", so these seconds may be larger or smaller in any direction)

- Firmness (may be very firm or somewhat squishy, while our original mats range from medium firm - firm)

- Coloration (some discoloration or yellowing may be found on parts of these mats, while our original mats are a heather grey)

- Surface Texture (may be very bumpy or uneven, while our original mats tend to have a smoother more uniform surface)

- Grey Fox Label (most of our seconds do not have our signature turquoise Grey Fox felting label that our original mats do have)


Looking for our original Small Wool Felting Mats? Find them here.

Why use wool for your work surface? Lots of reasons!

- eco-friendly (it's 100% natural wool)
- longevity (I've been using my wool felting block for over 6 months with no change in its usability)
- it's a slightly quieter "crunching" sound that a foam block
- it's more comfortable to work on (especially if you felt on your lap like I do!)

Another wonderful quality about these solid wool felting blocks is that if the surface starts to get a little fuzzy, you can simply felt the loose fibers back into place with your needle, or if you're willing to take a little pause from your felting project*** add a little soap and water and rub the surface to make it more smooth again, which is wet felting, the process that was used to create the wool block!

***If wet felting, you would just need to allow time for the block to dry before using it again, as the moisture could cause your needles to rust.

One of the most common questions I get about using a wool felting block as opposed to the high density foam is, "Won't my wool project get felted to my wool felting block?" And the answer is, no more than your wool project starts to get felted to your foam block. When working on a foam felting block, particularly with thinner pieces of needle felting projects where there is more direct felting into the mat, it's necessary to periodically peel the work up from the surface of the foam to ensure it doesn't become felted into it. The same is true when working with the wool mat. Since these wool mats are made of solidly felted wool, it's still very easy to separate pieces of wool that are not as felted from its surface.


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