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Olive - Wool Roving

Olive - Wool Roving

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This listing is for 1 oz. of beautiful domestically sourced and prepared wool roving. I have carefully chosen this wool for its textural quality and gorgeous nuanced coloring. 

This roving is made up of fleece from several breeds of sheep that combine to create a soft roving with a medium fine texture and excellent crimp. It can be used for needle felting, wet felting, and it will spin into a beautiful yarn.

Meet Olive, a complex, earthy green that features variegated shades of emerald green, olive, and mustard yellow. These subtle color shifts will add richness and depth to any project!

Wondering about the difference between batts and roving? Here is a brief breakdown of these two types of wool with emphasis on their uses for needle felting:

Batts (or batting, or fleece) and roving have both been pulled through carding machines which comb and align the fibers to some degree. But with batting, the wool comes off the machine in thin sheets which are layered to form thicker fluffy sheets. The layering results in a textured wool where the fibers are no longer aligned, making it perfect for needle felting as it felts up very quickly. Roving, on the other hand, is processed one step further and pulled off the machine in ropes where the fibers are mostly aligned. Though the fibers are more aligned, this form of wool still retains the wool's natural crimp, making it another excellent choice for needle felting.



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